Surgical Guides

3D-printed, patient-specific surgical guides remove the ambiguity for any complex surgery and make the surgical plan a reality. They are metal or polymer 3D Printed devices which translate virtual surgical plans precisely and predictably into the operating theatre.


  • Intra-operative decision making:

    These surgical tools help reduce the need for intra-operative decision-making, such as determining the best angle or depth for surgical planning.

  • Planning critical decisions:

    Assistance in precise placement of restorative treatments, resulting in better post-operative results & to plan critical clinical decisions preoperatively

  • Guide restorative treatments:

    They are designed to sit securely onto unaffected anatomical landmarks and to guide saw cutting vectors, drilling angles, drilling locations and bone repositioning.

  • Adapt to patient’s anatomy:

    In applications like Maxillofacial, Cranioplasty, Mandible plates, Orthognathic splints, the surgical guides allow doctors to shape them to the patient’s unique anatomy to reduce the complexity of the surgery by enhancing predictability