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3D Reconstruction of Data

CT/MRI images are processed by Bio Medical Engineers & Radiologists (with licensed medical software's) for slicing & segmentation (with required threshold values & meeting the Surgeons requirements)

These files are processed and reconstructed into 3D Images (ready to print. stl files)

Accuracy: Precise 3D models with 16-to 28 micron layer resolution and accuracy of 0.1mm

Materials: clear and solid for accurate representation Post Processing: Using advanced 3D reconstruction and conversion software.

Polyjet Technological Benefits

Create smooth, detailed prototypes that convey final-product aesthetics

Produce complex shapes, intricate details and smooth surfaces

Time reduction/location

Location advantage translates to a delivery turnaround time not exceeding 3 days after receiving the CT/MRI images, confirmation and approval of the 3D PDF


Backed up by strong medical expertise who help us analyse and reconstruct the models using specialised software’s according to the surgeon’s requirement.


With a singular focus on medical applications, our medical software team develop the 3D reconstruction based on the surgeon’s requirement. Our team apply specialized skills and abilities to each project from small surgical guides to large-scale 3D printed anatomical models. We deliver intelligent, practical solutions from design, while appropriately balancing cost and complexity.


To give the surgeons a comprehensive experience, our polyjet 3D printer creates realistic and versatile models with an accuracy up to 28 microns. These anatomical models include all of the striking intricate visual details that make a lasting impression for improved visualization & pre surgical planning.

  • A complete functional starter kit
  • Fully accessorized to facilitate insertion, removal & aligner maintenance