Spine Surgery

Case 1: Spondylolisthesis

Doctor: Sambhav Shah (Spine Surgeon)

Case: 65-years-old female with severe back and neck pain. She was refused by two surgeons because of the high risk involved in surgery. She had L4 L5 grade II spondylolisthesis bilateral foraminal stenosis. The patient was operated twice ten years back at L3 to S1.

Surgery: L4 L5 minimal invasive bilateral transformational lumbar interbody fusion

Benefit of Anatomical Model: During the 2nd surgery, the 3D printed model helped the doctor to grasp the anatomy in a better way and plan the surgery easily. It helped him locate the exact place where the screws needed to be fixed without harming or intervening the other area. It helped the doctor to navigate the intra-op successfully and reduced surgical time by 1 hour.

From the Doctor: The model was accurate and matched the patient details. With the model to study, it gave me a better understanding to study the structure and accordingly plan the treatment course. The 3D medical model helped me access the area of treatment with minimal damage and least possible surgical time

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