Case 1: Infratentorial Meningioma

Doctor: C. E. Deopujari (Neurosurgeon)

Case: 65 yrs old female patient with posterior fossa tumour. She had difficulty in walking, and problem in talking and swallowing food

Surgery: The tumour was scooped out without intervening with the important anatomical structures & also without any damage to the brain

Benefit of the 3D model: 3D model gave an indication that the tumour not only approximated to the skull but also eroded the skull to a large extent. The dimension of the tumour was determined exactly to decide how far to go to reach the affected area & also the best way to reach the tumour and attack it.

From The Doctors Desk: 3D model helped me establish the relation of the tumour to the skull and the blood vessels which could not be determined via 2D images.

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