Spine Surgery

Case 2: Multiple Myeloma

Doctor: Sambhav Shah (Spine Surgeon)

Case: 65-year-old female patient with multiple myeloma involving the sacrum presented with severe back pain and right leg pain (due to large calcified L5-S1 disc compressing the ipsilateral nerve). The tumour was and calcified disc were clearly depicted on 3D printed model and the nerve was surgically decompressed.

Surgery: Lumbopelvic fixation and decompression.

Benefit of Anatomical Model: Exact location of the nerve compression was identified due to visibility of the calcified disc. The treatment approach to decompress the nerve was decided accordingly.

From the Doctor: 3D model gave me an insight of the areas to be avoided for the exposure of the screw placements. It also helped me identify the exact location of the calcified disc which lead to nerve decompression

Source: https://www.embodi3d.com/blogs/entry/114-cardiologists-use-3d-printed-heart-to-treat-arrhythmia/ Download Case Share